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New Rider Course Info

New Rider Course Info


Never ridden before? Don't sweat it. The Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy New Rider Course is designed to get you comfortable on a bike and give you the skills you need to ride with confidence.

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When you complete a New Rider Course at the Riding Academy you will:

Learn to ride on a Genuine Harley-Davidson Street® 500 motorcycle
Receive full support of the entire Dealership staff, before, during and well after your class
Learn systematically how to accelerate, shift, brake, turn from a stop, along with maneuvers like controlling skids, swerving and multiple-curves.
Earn a Wisconsin Motorcycle Skills Waiver Form (exempting you from the WI DMV road test)
Receive a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF®) Completion Card (may get you a discount from certain vehicle insurance companies-check with your agent for clarification)


You'll need a valid Wisconsin automobile driver's license or learner's permit, and have the ability to ride and balance a bicycle.
If you have a valid non-Wisconsin driver's license, you are responsible for checking with your state to confirm they will accept a waiver from the state of Wisconsin.
You do NOT need to hold a Wisconsin Motorcycle Temporary Permit before class because you are on private property. If you intend to ride on the road prior to class, it is strongly suggested you do earn the Temporary Permit to remain a legal motorcyclist.
After the course is completed and Waiver Form earned, you WILL need to complete the Motorcycle Temporary Permit test before the M endorsement will be given at the DMV.

H-D of Madison's Waivers Wisconsin Motorcyclists' Handbook

Confirmation_Letter.pdf   19_RA-Cancellation-Policy.pdf

Other information:

Completion Certificate from the MSF e-Course: This MUST be completed within (30) days of your class start date.
There is a fee of $19.99 associated with this course, payable directly to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
Compliance is a state of WI requirement
The course takes approximately (3) hours to complete, but you are able to take at your own desired pace and not in one session.
You may print the completion certificate or email to ridingacademy@hdofmadison.com

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Do I need any special gear?

Jeans, chaps, or leather pants
Over-the-ankle, sturdy footwear, preferably boots with very low heel
Full-fingered gloves (preferably leather)
A DOT approved helmet (preferably three-quarters or full-faced)
Eyewear, including sunglasses, prescription glasses or clear glasses

What we supply:

Harley-Davidson Street® 500 training motorcycle
Highly trained and certified MSF and Harley-Davidson Coaches
Water and Snacks
MSF Rider Handbook
Riding Academy® Roadbook


Meet the Coaches    MEET THE TRAINING BIKE