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Matt H
Yall baller!
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Ken Gusner
EVERYONE at H-D of Madison is AWESOME. I got my first new bike from them, and if I ever get another bike, it will be from H-D of Madison. The entire team is friendly, fun, and knowledgeable. I like just stopping in to say hi and look at their inventory.
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Awesome guy! Had fun during the whole purchase! (Employee: Steven Spencer)
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Steve Walheim
These 2 yahoo's are awesome, Dan and Rod make an excellent team . Stop in just to say Hi and end up purchasing and new bike . I sure love this family. Thanks again (Employee: Dan Stark, Rod Miethke)
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Bruce Berthiaume
Everyone did a wonderful job. (Employee: Dan Stark, Jim "Ozzy" Osmann, Sheri Pietrzak)
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Steve Walheim
Stopped in too say hi to the family one day after dropping off my wife at the airport and to get a bolt to hold down the seat on her trike . Well one thing lead to another, next thing ya know I'm walking out with a new bike . Thanks Dan and Rod and the entire Madison HD family. (Employee: Connie Staples, Dan Stark, Rod Miethke)
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Erik was amazing to work with. Helpful with any questions I had. Would recommend Harley Davidson of Madison to anyone to get their new motorcycle and be come part of the family. (Employee: Erik Kozlowski)
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I had a great experience when I walked into HD of Madison and talked to Dan. I had a plan to see if he would buy my 23 year-old Road King Classic now, and then would come back in the spring to get a new bike from him. He laid out several options for me, pointing out how much more my trade in would be worth if I also bought my new Nightster Special now. Since they would be taking a bike in and moving one out at the same time. Made sense. Bottom line is I walked out of there feeling like I got a great deal on my trade in and the perfect new bike. I was thrilled with the way Dan and everybody else there welcomed me and treated me with total respect. I didnt feel like I was being high-pressured at any time. The options were all there for me to choose from. If youre looking for a bike, give Dan a call! (Employee: Dan Stark)
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MIKE IN SERVICE IS THE SHIZZZZNIT!!! :) (Employee: Mike Adamczak)
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Erik was the best. He helped me find my first motorcycle that I was comfortable riding with no pressure. He answered all my questions and was very helpful. (Employee: Erik Kozlowski)

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