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Intermediate Rider Course

Looking for a quicker-paced class where you can build skills on your own motorcycle? The Intermediate Rider Course is the class for you! This class is designed for active riders to refresh their riding skills and earn a license waiver.

While the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy is a standardized program, there are some details that may differ from state-to-state, and even at each Dealership. On this page, you will find more information about taking the Intermediate Rider Course at H-D of Madison.


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This class is an ADVANCED, one-day class, with completion of the eCourse (3-hours). The eCourse is a mandatory state online course you must take before taking our any of our classes.

The requirements to be eligible for the IRC are as follows:

  • You must have 1,000 miles or 1-year riding experience.
  • You must own the motorcycle to be used in class.
  • You must bring proof of insurance and registration of that motorcycle.
  • You must have a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License.
  • You must have your Wisconsin Motorcycle Permit from the DMV.
  • You must be able to pass a general "basics" riding inspection from your RiderCoach to be sure you are experienced enough to take the IRC.
  • You must complete the eCourse and have proof of completion.
  • You must have all the required Riding Gear.

If you sign up for this class and are not deemed not advanced enough, you will be expected to pay the $375 fee to enroll in a Basic Rider Course (BRC). For more information on this class, please call the Riding Academy Manager.

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2024 IRC Schedule


The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, or MSF, is a national, not-for-profit organization promoting the safety of motorcyclists with programs in rider training, operator licensing, and public information.

The eCourse for the Intermediate Rider Course is called Basic RiderCourse 2 and is designed for current motorcycle riders who need to earn a motorcycle license. It takes approximately three (3) hours to complete, but you can take it at your own desired pace and not in one session.

The eCourse is included in your student fees and you will be provided a code the day you can begin the online course.

The completion date MUST NOT be dated more than (30) days before your first day of class.

If you do not have the e-course completed before the beginning of class, you will not be able to participate in class and will not be given a refund.

Compliance is a State of WI requirement.

You may print the completion certificate or email to


Ask Riding Academy...

Please check the spam folder in your email if you do not receive a response in 1-2 business days. Thank you!



MSF WAIVERS (Updated 1/17/24)

Includes: General Release Waiver, Acknowledgment & Assumption of Risk, and Ground Rules Acknowledgment

H-D OF MADISON WAIVERS (Updated 9/8/22)

Includes: Emergency contact, Photo/Video Release, Retest Eval form, and Electronic Communication form

REFUND POLICY (Updated 7/17/24)


Intermediate Rider Course FAQs

You will need the following:

  • A street-ready motorcycle
  • Motorcycle endorsement, permit, or license (check with our Riding Academy Manager for details)
  • Proof of valid motorcycle insurance

The class will begin with a pre-ride inspection of your motorcycle. Plan ahead and conduct this before your class, so you aren’t sorting things out at the range. Check these items yourself and your bike will pass the inspection like a boss. (See the Pre-Ride Inspection tab for what to check!)

After the course is completed and your BRC card is earned, you WILL need to complete the Motorcycle Temporary Permit test before the M endorsement will be given at the DMV.

  • Tires - check your tires for dry rot, that is cracks in the side walls, tread depth, and air pressure. Be sure to use the tire pressures recommended in your owner’s manual.
  • Controls - Check your levers, pedals, cables and hoses for function and condition.
  • Lights and Mirrors - Make sure your headlights, turn signals and taillights are functioning and your mirrors are tight.
  • Oil and fluids - Check your oil levels and verify that there are no obvious oil leaks.
  • Chassis - Check out your suspension front and rear for function and tightness and have a look at your final drive too.
  • Stands - make sure your side stand or center stand function correctly and stow fully. These checks take about ten minutes and will ensure that your bike is as ready for the class as you are.

It is a good idea to dress in layers for comfort and bring rain gear appropriate for riding. Throughout the course, conditions can change, so please be prepared. You are responsible for bringing all the required motorcycle safety gear.

  • D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) approved motorcycle helmet. 
  • Sturdy, over-the-ankle boots with a low heel and rubber soles (Please no sneakers)
  • Protective eyewear (this can include prescription glasses or sunglasses)
  • Full-fingered gloves, preferably leather
  • A long-sleeved jacket or shirt (depending upon the temperatures)
  • Durable long pants (denim or other comparable material), non-flare and without tears or holes

If you attend class without all the required gear, you will be dismissed from class and expected to pay another admission fee of $150.00.

The course is rain or shine so be ready for the weather as you would for any day long ride, pack your rain gear. Also plan for shifts in temperature - dressing in layers will accommodate the cold in the early morning. Peeling off some layers in the afternoon will relieve you from that hot sun. We offer a snacks, like chips and granola bars, but you you can pack your own to keep yourself mentally and physically in the game. We also provide filtered water for your water bottles, and take more breaks during especially hot days. We also provide a refrigerator for you to keep snacks, drinks, and your lunch cool.

On the range right next door to the classroom, you will start the day with that pre-ride inspection on your bike, if you prepped it before the class you’ll be feeling confident about passing the pre-ride inspection.

Your coaches will explain the course layout, read exercise objectives and instructions, ride a demo ride to show the path of travel and desired technique, and occasionally have you practice a skill on your bike with the engine off. Then it is your turn to ride.

Exercises are generally about 30-40 minutes long and most programs will run two or three and then take a break. There will also be some range side “chalk talk” and activities, these are intended to sharpen your mental riding skills.

A riding test is included at the conclusion of the range session, riders successfully completing the skills evaluation earn an endorsement waiver and a Motorcycle Safety Foundation completion card.

The course focuses on improving these skills:

  • Control at low speeds
  • Risk management
  • Limited space maneuvers
  • Cornering judgment
  • Swerving and stopping quickly on straights and in curves
  • Multiple curve maneuvers and surmounting objects

When you're done, you'll earn a MSF Basic Rider Course 2 completion card that may qualify you for a discount on motorcycle insurance.

While other local programs may cost less, the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy program offers some benefits those other programs may not, including being specialized for teaching on Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.


  • The training course and classroom are on-site at the Dealership, so there's no need for a riding permit since the class takes place on private-property.
  • Our coaches have consistent training & licencing, through the WI Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). They have also been certified as Harley-Davidson Rider Coaches, meaning they know H-D motorcycles inside and out, and follow curriculum set by experts at the Motor Company.
  • There's an opportunity to learn how to shift, or at least become more comfortable with the idea, before you even register for class. We provide an experience called the JUMPSTART - a stationary motorcycle where a person can go through the process of riding without having to worry about paying attention to the road or killing the engine since the bike stays still!


  • The communication and support a student gets from the Coaches and Team at the Dealership is something we take pride in! It's inspiring for us to see new riders get excited about learning how to ride and getting their first Harley, and we want to help fuel and maintain that excitement. We're here for our students & future graduates of the program.

We want to provide a specialized experience that a Riding Academy student can only get with our program, so the cost for our Intermediate Rider Course reflects the dedication and effort our Team takes to give you - our students - the best training experience possible.

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