NBC15 Share Your Holidays to eliminate hunger campaign

Harley-Davidson of Madison is proud participant in the NBC15 Share Your Holidays to eliminate hunger campaign.


(Taken from the Second Harvest NBC15 Share Your Holidays webpage)

In 2017 the NBC15 Share Your Holidays campaign raised more meals than ever before…4.18 million meals. 

Our goal this year… “One More Meal”.

Why “One More Meal”? Because we know the power of a meal.

A meal can be the difference between:
• A passing and a failing grade on a test in school
• Being able to live a healthy lifestyle, or not
• A mom being able to share a meal with their child instead of having to give her portion to the child
• A senior taking a full dose of their medicine, or having to cut the pill in half to save money
• A dad being able to take their child to the dentist because they have health insurance, or the child suffering because they can’t afford it

As you can see, a meal is so much more than “a meal” to those struggling with hunger. A meal is comfort on a trying day. A meal is the return of innocence to a child’s face. A meal is hope for a better tomorrow.
Join us during the 2018 NBC15 Share Your Holidays to eliminate hunger campaign and help us provide 

“One More Meal”!

H-D of Madison has a donation box in our front lobby!

Common food items to donate include: Canned goods, cereals (hot & cold), cooking oils, pasta & pasta sauces, rice.

Common non-food items to donate include: Paper towels, sanitary napkins & tampons, diapers, bar soap, baby wipes.

If you are looking for more ideas on what to donate, here is a list of items most needed : Most-Needed-Items.pdf



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