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More Roads to Harley-Davidson

July 30, 2018

More Roads to Harley-Davidson

More Roads to Harley-Davidson

(Taken from July 30, 2018 from harley-davidson.com)

"We are planning our most comprehensive lineup of motorcycles. Highlights include:

  • Extending the company’s leadership in heavyweight motorcycles by continuing to develop improved, more technologically-advanced Touring and Cruiser motorcycles that will keep existing Harley-Davidson riders engaged and riding longer.
  • Introducing a new modular 500cc to 1250cc middleweight platform of motorcycles that spans three distinct product spaces and four displacements, starting with the company’s first Adventure Touring motorcycle, the Harley-Davidson™ Pan America™ 1250, a 1250cc Custom model and a 975cc Streetfighter model, all of which are planned to launch beginning in 2020. Additional models to broaden coverage in these product spaces will follow through 2022.  
  • Developing a more accessible, small-displacement (250cc to 500cc) motorcycle for Asia emerging markets through a planned strategic alliance with a manufacturer in Asia.  This new product and broader distribution is intended to fuel Harley-Davidson’s customer access and growth in India, one of the largest, fastest growing markets in the world, and other Asia markets.
  • Leading the electric motorcycle market by launching Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle, LiveWire™, in 2019 -- the first in a broad, no-clutch “twist and go” portfolio of electric two-wheelers designed to establish the company as the leader in the electrification of the sport. LiveWire will be followed by additional models through 2022 to broaden the portfolio with lighter, smaller and even more accessible product options to inspire new riders with new ways to ride."


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Harley-Davidson CEO rolls out expanded lineup of smaller bikes in international push for growth, calls Trump tweets 'unfortunate attention'

(Original (updated) article published 2:39 PM ET Mon, 30 July 2018 by Amelia Lucas)

Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich on Monday rolled out an aggressive "more roads to Harley" growth plan that includes an expanded lineup of lighter motorcycles, smaller urban retail stores, a new digital strategy and an international push as U.S. sales fall.

The Wisconsin-based company said it is launching by 2020 a new platform of 500 cc to 1250 cc middleweight bikes and an even smaller bike for emerging markets in Asia. The biggest Harley engines run at around 1,700 cubic centimeters and weigh more than 1,000 pounds — making the new lineup a significant departure from its signature HOGs.

"We're going to be doubling down on existing products. We're going to invest in an all-new middleweight platform, which is a modular chassis and a very core engine technology to go in three dramatically different spaces: adventure touring, custom and street fighter," Levatich said in a wide-ranging interview with CNBC's Morgan Brennan.