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IRONe™ - Electric Balance Bikes

IRONe™ - Electric Balance Bikes


The next generation of riders is out there. The Harley-Davidson™ IRONe™ line of electric-powered balance bikes is ready for them.

IRONe™ models are designed to be a cross between training and pure fun. 


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See the STACYC electric-bike in action!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Harley-Davidson® IRONe™ line of electric-powered balance bikes is for kids ages 3-7 who have parents or grandparents who ride motorcycles & young motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a way to enter the sport.

Both models of the IRONe™ electric-powered balance bike feature:

  • a lightweight aluminum frame with tapered footrests
  • a quick-change lithium-ion battery
  • a 3-mode twist throttle that teaches the rider how to operate a twist throttle & manage power output
  • an ultra-low seat height to inspire riding confidence by allowing riders to plant their feet firmly on the ground & to “dab” foot easily when off-balance. 

Both models recommend riders be under 75 pounds.


  • MSRP: $649
  • Model is 17 lbs with battery
  • Seat height is 13" 
  • Reaches speeds between 5 - 9 mph
  • Recommended for ages 3 - 5 years old
  • Recommended inseam of 14" - 20"
  • For children with little or no experience on a balance bike


  • MSRP: $699 
  • Model is 19 lbs with battery
  • Seat height is 17" 
  • Reaches speeds between 5 - 11 mph
  • Recommended for ages 5 - 7 years old
  • Recommended inseam of 18" - 24"
  • For children with some experience on a balance bike who are a little taller and/or more familiar with riding IRONe™ and need a larger platform

See a Sales Representitive for more details.

The industrial-grade, quick-change lithium-ion battery charges in less than one hour and uses similar technology to power tools (ability to switch batteries in and out), which means less time charging and more time riding.

Batteries will be available for purchase at H-D of Madison.


  • Quick disconnect/connect battery
  • 20Vmax voltage (18Vnom)
  • 2Ah
  • 30-60 min. run-time
  • 30-60 min. charge time


  • Quick disconnect/connect battery

    20Vmax Voltage (18Vnom)

  • 4Ah

  • 30-60 min. run-time

  • 45-60 min. charge time

The drive system of the IRONe™ models come with thermal protection for motor and controller. Both models come equipt with the Twist Throttle and 3 selectable power modes that teaches the rider how to operate a twist throttle and manage power output.

LOW (RED) MODE — In this mode, riders can start on a speed similar to what they can push their bike at in the non-powered mode.

MEDIUM (YELLOW) MODE — In this mode, riders have now shown they have control of the bike and have increased their skill to ride at a faster speed.

HIGH (GREEN) MODE — This mode is for advanced riders who have already been riding and have great stability on two wheels.

*Note: Test Rides will only be given in Low & Medium modes.

Just like you and other Harley riders, the riders of the IRONe™ electric balance bike should wear protective gear, such as pants, closed-toe shoes, long sleeves, and a helmet.

There will be merchandise - such as Helmets, gloves, t-shirts, graphic kits and extra batteries - for the IRONe™ riders. Some of these items may or may not be available at H-D of Madison. For items that we do not have in stock, we can order them for you and you will be able to pick them up here at the dealership.

Both the Harley-Davidson™ IRONe™ electric bike for kids will be available for purchase at Harley-Davidson of Madison in late-Summer 2019.